The Importance of Narrow Elastics in Men’s Compression Shorts

June 12, 2024.

In the development of men’s compression shorts, every detail counts to ensure comfort, performance, and durability. A crucial component in these shorts is the waistband elastic. Narrow elastics, in particular, play an essential role in providing the necessary support and compression to enhance athletic performance and daily comfort. At George C. Moore, we specialize in creating customized elastics that not only meet these functional requirements but also allow brands to stand out with unique designs and advanced technical finishes.

Pressure Distribution and Flexibility

Compression shorts waistbands must be wide enough to ensure an even distribution of pressure around the waist and have wall stability, which provides lateral stability to the elastic. This stability not only enhances the garment’s firmness but also helps prevent discomfort during prolonged use. A flexible elastic adjusts to the body’s movements and contours, offering a secure fit without restricting circulation or mobility. This design prevents the compression shorts from digging into the skin, which can cause chafing and irritation. Additionally, flexibility allows individuals of various body types to wear the garment comfortably, making them a versatile option for users of all shapes and sizes.

Proper Fit

It is essential for the compression shorts waistbands to fit correctly, neither too tight nor too loose. A waistband that is too tight can cause discomfort and even pain, as it may restrict natural body movements and potentially interrupt blood circulation. Conversely, a waistband that is too loose will not provide the necessary support and may cause the compression shorts to slide down during physical activities. This can lead to distractions and frequent adjustments, hindering performance. The ideal waistband should have the right modulus to fit snugly around the waist. Modulus is the power that makes the elastic adhere to the waist; the higher the modulus, the stronger the grip. Therefore, a waistband with the ideal modulus allows the compression shorts to stay in place without pinching, helping to maintain focus and comfort throughout all activities.

Elastic Design and Customization at George C. Moore

At George C. Moore, we offer customized elastics in various styles, whether plain, printed, or jacquard. For this type of garment, jacquard elastics are the most commonly used due to their personalized design that stands out with unique brand characteristics. Through elastic customization, brands can include their logos, images, patterns, and colors, differentiating themselves on the racks with a wide range of colors from neutrals to the most vibrant and contrasting combinations, depending on each brand’s personality and target markets.

Widths and Technical Finishes

For better compression of the garment as a whole, the most commonly used widths for the waistbands of compression shorts typically range from 1-1/2” to 2-1/2” inches, although sometimes they can go up to 3”. However, 3” elastics are more commonly used in baseball or other sports uniforms. Additionally, our elastics can incorporate various functional technical finishes, such as anti-odor, moisture absorption, quick-drying, and dirt or water repellency. They can also include continuous silicone applications for better grip and to prevent slipping, providing greater security during use. These applications can range from a thin ½” line to multiple lines, depending on the total width of the elastic.

Other Essential Properties of a Good Elastic

In addition to wall stability, modulus, and compression, there is the power, which refers to the elastic’s ability to recover its original form. We cannot forget the softness to the touch, which goes hand in hand with stretchability, both derived from the material with which it is produced. For this type of end use, at George C. Moore, we recommend elastics made with Stretch Nylon, as it provides softness to the skin and ideal stretch for wearing, using, moving, and removing the garment, as well as optimal durability between uses without failing in their primary purpose of compression when necessary.


Narrow elastics in waistbands are an essential component in men’s compression shorts, directly influencing the garment’s stability, support, comfort, and durability. George C. Moore, with its expertise and dedication to quality and innovation, positions itself as a leader in the manufacturing of these elastics and many other narrow elastics, offering solutions that meet the needs of the most demanding users and athletes. By choosing narrow elastics from George C. Moore, brands can be confident that they are providing the best in performance and comfort to their customers. Contact us by clicking here to fill out a brief contact form; we are ready to assist you.