George C. Moore Co. has a code of ethics that defines the conduct we expect from our associates in order to guarantee that our Company complies fully with all laws governing our operation and that we conduct business with the highest degree of moral, legal and ethical standards. Our associates are expected to perform their duties honestly, responsibly and diligently at all times. Each of our employees is required to verify that they have read and understood our Code of Conduct and that they are in full compliance with the guide.

We also expect our vendors and suppliers to conduct business and operate in a legal and ethical manner. Failing to meet those standards could lead to termination of our business relationship.

We have a confidential/ anonymous fraud reporting program in place that ensures the strictest of confidence and guarantees that any employee reporting an incident shall remain anonymous.

If you are aware of any of the above situations, please notify us throughout the following form and please check the box(es) next to the Corporate officer(s) of George C. Moore that you wish to report your issue to.

You can check more than one box (up to 4).

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