Let us do something amazing for you. We have two Research & Development divisions full of skilled and creative professionals who help us do great things for each brand, end use and market. Our research people think up lots of new ideas to do with narrow elastic and rigid tape and if you have some good ideas we will help put them into action or think up some new discoveries right on the spot.

We want to hear your ideas and answer your questions. Once we start a dialogue and we learn about your expectations we will be able to determine on whether we can develop a specific design for you. If you have a physical sample that you like, please submit it to us. If available, please also share with us the following information:

  • Annual usage/ estimation (yards)
  • Width of the elastic
  • End-use of the elastic
  • Color specifications and if a logo is included please provide: artwork height, space between logo, repeat measures, distance between logo and top/bottom edge
  • Modulus
  • Elongation % and hand stretch
Our Design Department has fully functional locations in the USA and in El Salvador and is positioned to satisfy the needs of our customer Product Development Teams. Whether the product requirement is plain, knitted, printed, dyed or Jacquard, our skilled Designers will develop creative solutions for you.

We have a professional, experienced, and dedicated Design Team to meet your customized needs. Whether it is strength, performance, fire resistance, softness, or fancy and delicate trims, we can encompass the wants and needs you have for your custom application.

Let’s get together, inspiration comes easy that way. Let us stretch your imagination.


George C. Moore Co. strives to raise the benchmarks of our quality standards. Our Quality Assurance Lab will comply with AATCC or ASTM methods required from our customers to supply world class products. Additionally, our dye lab has state of the art equipment that complies with international requirements. Whether it is strength, performance, fire resistance, softness or fancy and delicate trims, we can encompass the wants and needs you have for your custom application and guarantee that your expectations are met consistently.

  • Shade consistency
  • Product performance
  • Elongation
  • Hand stretch
  • Picks
  • Colorfastness to crocking
  • Modulus
  • Shrinkage
  • Zwick


Like our elastic, we are flexible! Share with us your needs and we will offer a solution that adapts to your production lines.

  • Flat Rolls: eliminates creases for narrow elastics 1″ and over.
  • Spools: preferred packaging for delicate apparel elastics 1/4″ to 1/8″.
  • Bags: for less delicate apparel elastics for space saving and ease of handling in production lines.
  • Festoon (Bulk): elastic loosely traversed from side to side in case.
  • Shrink wrap: flat rolls are shrink wrapped for sanitation and to stabilize rolls in transit.


Always adapting and implementing new trends to offer a world-class service experience with a technological online integration of our in-house testing results: performance and color test. Sharing them with each customer streamlining the response time, reducing shipping costs and textile waste.