No Roll, No Slip: The Power of Silicone in Shapewear Elastics

May 20, 2024.

Shapewear has evolved significantly in recent years, offering not only a shaping effect but also comfort and durability. Comfort elevates users’ confidence, adding substantial value in both fit and performance. A key feature in achieving this is preventing shapewear from rolling down at the waist or rolling up at the legs, providing the sensation of a second skin.

Added Value in Design and Functionality

Narrow elastics offer a range of value-added options that make them indispensable in the design of high-quality shapewear. Preventing rolling and slipping starts with choosing the right materials with the ideal characteristics for the job. Silicone application is a must for this purpose in narrow elastics. It improves grip and prevents slippage and rolling.

Clear continuous silicone lines are the magic ingredient that complements narrow elastics for shapewear. These lines can be customized in width from 3mm to 6mm, depending on the nozzle size used for application. They can be flat, medium, or raised, depending on whether it will be in contact with skin or clothing. Silicone lines can be applied on woven or knit elastics from ½” to 4”, but if you have different needs in width or size, we are open to testing and samples.

To add additional grip, narrow elastics can also be hook-engageable, providing better adaptation to each body’s shape. They can also be dyed to match the color of the shapewear, making them unique in their class.

While silicone applications play a crucial role, achieving secure and comfortable shapewear involves a combination of multiple elements, each chosen for their specific properties and contributions to the final product. Let’s delve into these essential components:

Capabilities of Narrow Elastics

Narrow elastics offer a wide range of capabilities that make them ideal for shapewear. Two of the most common constructions are knit and woven elastics. Knit elastics range from 3/8” to 12” in solid constructions, and up to 20” in paneled and segmented constructions. Woven elastics range from ¼” to 4-3/4”, whether plain, Jacquard, or printed. These elastics are highly adaptable to different designs and shaping needs, making them versatile and customizable.

Paneled or Segmented

Elastic fabrics can be paneled or segmented to better meet shapewear needs. Paneled elastics are wide, knitted elastic fabrics made up of several panels stitched together with texturized yarn or monofilament, ranging from 1” to 20” wide. Each panel can be from 1” to 6” wide, available in colors like white, white/cobalt, black, or any custom color, and can be hook-engageable or have silicone application. Segmented elastics are several narrow elastics joined together, stitched with texturized yarn or monofilament. The total width can be from 1” to 20”, with individual knit segments ranging from 1/4” to 3-1/2” and woven segments from 1/32” to 2”, depending on the weaving machine used. They can also be hook-engageable and have silicone application. The main difference between paneled and segmented elastics is the width of the segments and the visibility of the unions between segments.

Types of Elastomers and Special Uses

Narrow elastics can be made from various elastomers such as spandex, latex, and neoprene, each with unique characteristics and benefits. For example, spandex offers high elasticity and comfort, while latex provides strong compression but is less elastic. These elastomers allow shapewear designers to choose the right material for specific needs, ensuring a final product that meets high standards of quality and performance.

Elasticity and Durability

Maintaining elasticity and shape over time is crucial for narrow elastics, ensuring shapewear maintains its effectiveness and comfort after multiple washes and uses. This results in durable, high-quality garments.

Features and Challenges When Designing Shapewear

Designing shapewear presents challenges such as ensuring a perfect fit and exceptional comfort for various body shapes and sizes. Additionally, market trends and consumer preferences must be considered to ensure products are competitive and meet market demands.

Searching in Materials for Designing and Producing

Materials must have characteristics such as elasticity, strength, softness, and recovery capacity. They must withstand wear, maintain their shape and elasticity over time, and be breathable to ensure comfort during extended use without affecting body temperature or causing discomfort.

Pain Points in the Process

Finding materials that meet required quality and performance standards can be a pain point in the design and production process of shapewear. Production time and cost are also important factors. Narrow elastics, being durable, versatile, and easy to work with, help alleviate these pain points by offering a reliable and effective solution for shapewear designers and manufacturers.

Performance Finishes

Functional technical finishes are crucial for improving the performance and durability of shapewear. Narrow elastics can benefit from finishes such as anti-odor management, which prevents the development of microbes causing odors, wicking moisture management that absorbs and dissipates odor-generating compounds, cooling effects that wick moisture away, and soil release that captures odor molecules to keep the fabric smelling fresh. Water-repellent finishes wick away moisture, allowing the body to feel cooler, drier, and more comfortable. These finishes offer comfort and functionality throughout the day while maintaining their shape and elasticity over time.


Narrow elastics with silicone applications are essential components in manufacturing high-quality shapewear. Their ability to prevent rolling and slipping, combined with their versatility, durability, and added value in design and functionality, makes them an ideal choice for shapewear designers and manufacturers. With a wide range of options available, narrow elastics offer endless design and performance possibilities to create shapewear that is comfortable, functional, and attractive. Embrace the power of silicone-enhanced narrow elastics to deliver shapewear that stays in place and meets the highest standards of quality and performance.