Elevating Your Outerwear Collection: A Creative Journey with Our Innovative Narrow Elastic Fabrics

January 29, 2024.

In the dynamic world of outerwear apparel design, the pursuit of innovation and sustainability is at the forefront of creative journeys. As an industry leader with over 115 years of expertise in narrow elastic manufacturing, George C. Moore Co. stands as an approachable partner of choice for those seeking customized, functional, and innovative elastic solutions. This article explores how the creative journey of outerwear designers aligns seamlessly with George C. Moore’s capabilities in providing tailored elastic solutions for waistbands, straps, foldovers, and binders used as trims in baselayers, thermal underwear, pullovers, fleece jackets, and various sports apparel and equipment.

Color Trends and Patterns for Narrow Elastic Fabric:

One of the key considerations for outerwear designers is staying ahead of color trends and patterns. George C. Moore understands the importance of aligning elastic fabrics with the overall aesthetic vision of a collection. Our extensive range of colors and customizable options allows designers to seamlessly integrate narrow elastic fabrics into their designs. Whether it’s matching the muted tones of a fall collection or embracing vibrant hues for a sporty line, George C. Moore ensures that narrow elastic fabrics complement and elevate the overall design. Click here to start a chat, and let’s explore the possibilities together.

Taking Product Reviews and Customer Feedback into Account:

Creating a successful outerwear collection involves a keen understanding of customer preferences and addressing their needs. George C. Moore values the input of designers and end-users alike. By incorporating product reviews and customer feedback, we enhance our custom elastic designs to meet and exceed expectations. This collaborative approach ensures that the narrow elastic fabrics not only align with the creative vision but also deliver the performance and comfort desired by the end consumer.

Sustainable Yarn Options for Narrow Elastic Fabrics:

The fashion industry is undergoing a transformative shift towards sustainability, and outerwear designers are increasingly seeking eco-friendly materials. George C. Moore recognizes the challenges in finding stretch fabrics that are both high-performance and environmentally friendly. Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in our offering of sustainable yarn options for narrow elastic fabrics. By providing choices that align with environmental values, designers can create collections that resonate with conscious consumers.

Choosing eco-friendly materials is not just about aligning with values but also understanding the feasibility and affordability associated with these alternatives. Recycled yarn vendors, integral to the supply chain of sustainable materials, often have Minimum Order Quantities (MOQs) that need alignment. This understanding is pivotal, as it ensures that the adoption of eco-friendly materials remains a practical and economically viable choice for designers.

At George C. Moore, we work closely with designers and raw material suppliers, to navigate the complexities of volume requirements associated with sustainable yarn options. By providing insights into MOQs and fostering collaboration with recycled yarn vendors, we enable designers to make informed decisions that align with their creative vision, sustainability goals, and economic considerations. Click here to schedule a call and take the first step towards creating a collection that’s both fashion-forward and environmentally responsible.

Performance of Custom Narrow Elastic Fabrics:

Performance is non-negotiable in the world of outerwear, where durability, insulation, breathability, and moisture-wicking properties are essential for outdoor activities. George C. Moore’s custom narrow elastic fabrics are engineered to meet these stringent performance standards. Whether it’s designing waistbands that provide optimal comfort during extended wear or creating straps that offer unparalleled support, our elastic solutions contribute to the overall functionality and success of the outerwear collection.


Embarking on a creative journey to design an outerwear collection involves navigating a myriad of challenges and considerations. George C. Moore stands as an invaluable partner, offering tailored narrow elastic solutions that align seamlessly with the vision and values of outerwear designers. From staying on top of color trends to incorporating sustainable yarn options, our commitment to innovation, functionality, and customization ensures that each piece of elastic becomes an integral part of a designer’s masterpiece. Our goal is to become your support system for narrow elastic fabric designs so as an outerwear designer you can confidently weave have the confidence that your vision is supported by the expertise of an expert and leader in narrow elastic manufacturing.

Do you have specific questions or need more information about our custom narrow elastic fabrics? Feel free to reach out to us at etorres@gcmoore.com. Whether it’s about sustainable options, performance features, or the logistics of incorporating narrow elastic fabrics into your collection, our team is ready to provide comprehensive answers to your queries. Your journey with George C. Moore begins with a simple email – send us your questions, and let’s start the conversation today.