Choosing the Right Narrow Elastic Manufacturer for Your Compression Garment Innovations

November 20, 2023.

Selecting the right narrow elastic manufacturer partner is paramount to your success as a product development manager navigating the intricate world of compression garment and post-op recovery aid creation. Over our 116 years in the industry, we’ve collaborated with numerous innovative product developers. This guide is specifically tailored to you, providing a step-by-step checklist to guide you in finding a manufacturing partner that perfectly aligns with your distinct needs and expectations.

Navigating Compression Garment Innovation

Explore the perfect partnership in compression garment development with George C. Moore’s expertise and innovation.

Collaborative Excellence

Elevate your compression garment game with a manufacturing partner that understands, adapts, and innovates—George C. Moore awaits your discovery.


Embark on Innovation

The path to revolutionary compression garment solutions starts with a single step. Contact George C. Moore for a discovery meeting and let’s shape the future of compression garments together.

Step 1: Assess Their Expertise

Start by evaluating the manufacturer’s expertise.  We bring a legacy of craftsmanship and innovation in narrow elastic manufacturing, specializing in trims, jacquard elastics (elastics with logos), straps and bottoms bands for maternity and post-surgical bras, abdominal binders, and support wraps and bands. Choose a partner that understands the nuances of your industry.

Step 2: Understand Your Product Creation Cycle 

Ensure your manufacturing partner comprehends your product creation cycle. Our Design team aligns seamlessly with every phase, from research and conceptualization to design, prototyping, material sourcing, manufacturing, and scaling production. A true collaborator will integrate effortlessly into your development journey.

Step 3: Collaboration is Key

Look for a manufacturer that is more than just a supplier—a dedicated collaborator. Our Designers actively engage with product development managers to bring your visions to life. Communication is transparent and efficient, ensuring your unique design and production requirements are not just met but exceeded.

Step 4: Adaptability and Flexibility

In the fast-paced world of compression garment development, adaptability is crucial. George C. Moore prides itself on being a manufacturer that can seamlessly adapt to changes in your design or production requirements. Flexibility is the cornerstone of innovation, and a partner who can evolve with your vision is invaluable.

Step 5: Quality Without Compromise 

Your commitment to quality demands a manufacturing partner that shares the same values. Our Design and Sales team is always exploring alternatives to strike the perfect balance between quality and cost, offering competitive pricing for narrow elastics without compromising on the comfort and softness required for extended wear. Ensure your chosen partner understands the delicate nature of compression garments.

Step 6: Embrace Innovation

Choose a manufacturing partner committed to innovation and ongoing research and development in elastic materials. We are not just a manufacturer; we’re innovators and a dedicated to ensure that the narrow elastics provided contribute to the success of your compression garments in the market.

Step 7: Reliability and Consistency

Reliability should be the foundation of your partnership, ask for a track record of consistent production capabilities. As your compression garments gain traction in the market, we stand ready to scale production efficiently, meeting increasing demand while adhering to crucial deadlines.

Step 8: Ethical and Sustainable Practices

Beyond business, ethical and sustainable practices matter. Choose a partner who aligns with your commitment to responsible manufacturing and sustainable business practices.

Take the First Step – Contact George C. Moore for a Discovery Meeting!

The journey to exceptional compression garment innovations begins with the first step. Contact us now to schedule a discovery meeting and learn how George C. Moore. We are ready to listen to your needs and expectations and provide a recommendation that empowers you to make informed decisions when selecting a narrow elastic manufacturer for your compression garment and post-op recovery aid creations. Let’s collaboratively create the next generation of compression garments.