Top 5 Questions

  • I already have a specific elastic design that I need to develop and quote for my program. What information do I need to send a Sales representative to request a quote and sample?

    Once there is a dialogue and we learn about your expectations we will be able to determine on whether we can develop a specific design for you. If you have a physical sample that you like, please submit it to us. We would prefer to have the following information:

    • Annual usage/ estimation (yards)
    • Width of the elastic
    • End-use of the elastic
    • Color specifications and if a logo is included please provide: artwork height, space between logo, repeat measures, distance between logo and top/bottom edge
    • Modulus
    • Elongation % and hand stretch
  • I am a designer, can I share my ideas with a Sales representative to develop technical specifications for my elastic idea?
    If you are a designer you can appreciate our technical ability and we can enjoy your creative talent. Let’s get together, inspiration comes easy that way. We want to hear your ideas and answer your questions. We are as flexible as our elastic.
  • I need elastic and rigid webbing that is made in the USA, is this possible?

    Yes. If you need elastic that is Berry Amendment compliant or you prefer to buy products made in America, our US operation consists of a network of contract manufactures that produce uniquely designed and qualified narrow elastics and webbings. Our George C. Moore US offices support these manufacturing locations with Sales, Customer Service, Technical expertise, Manufacturing consultation, Design, Research & Development and Purchasing functions.
  • I want to be part of the George C. Moore team, how can I learn more about job opportunities available in El Salvador and the U.S.?
    If you share our passion for excellence and creative thinking and want to be part of our team, please visit “Our People” section to learn more about our culture and information on how to send us your Curriculum Vitae.
  • I am a vendor, how can I get in contact with the Purchasing Department to share information about my capabilities and product features?
    We are always researching and experimenting with new machinery, yarns, inks and silicone products that can help us deliver new narrow fabric solutions in a fast moving market. Please share with us your ideas and product information by filling out this form.