Printed or Jacquard Elastic?

Brand recognition is important. Often the question is whether to create a customized elastic with your name/logo in a printed or in a woven format. Often a Jacquard elastic is associated to premium quality but the reality is that the quality of a Jacquard and printed elastic is the same. There are however differences in the artwork font size and level of detail you can achieve with a woven and a printed logo:

• With a Jacquard the logo font size can not be as small and detailed as in printed artwork.
• The curved shapes and diagonal shapes are not as smooth in Jacquard patterns as they are in printed elastic (the high hooks Jacquards do come much closer). When stretched, a Jacquard logo remains intact whereby some prints are prone to grin through.
• In terms of surface interest, with a Jacquard pattern you can combine matte and/or metallic yarns and different denier size and color yarns that create plain, embossed and/or raised surfaces within the same elastic. With a printed elastic you can also create surface interest by using and combining matte water based inks with specialty inks such as metallic, flexible, glow in the dark, neon and color changing inks.

Contact us to learn more about the various options we have to print or weave your name and logo on both knit and woven elastic.Jacquard and printed elastic