Printed Elastic

We offer rotary screen printing from 1 to 4 colors sequentially placed to diversify our customers’ products. Since brand recognition is so important, we are constantly in the process of testing new inks such as metallic, reflective, glow in the dark, among other inks that allow the retailers and brands to deliver innovative printed elastic for their garments.

Printing allows to achieve small fonts with good resolution, smooth rounded shapes and accurate reproduction of the original artwork. Multi color graphics are also possible and generally printing uses a lower cost substrate and is very efficient.

Available value added services for printed elastic include:


  • Color matching
  • Silicone applications in the back of the elastic for
    gripping and anti-slip performance to keep garments in
  • Technical performance finishes: moisture management,
    dirt and soil release, quick-dry, etc.
  • Cutting and sewing loops
  • Custom cut to specific lengths

If you already have a specific design you like please submit a sample and, if available, provide the following information:

  • Width of the elastic
  • End-use of the elastic
  • Color specifications and if a logo is included please provide:
    artwork height, space between logo, repeat measures,
    distance between logo and top/bottom edge
  • Annual usage (yards)
  • Elongation % and hand stretch
  • Modulus

Contact our experts to learn more about the various options we have to print your name and logo on both knit and woven elastic.