Orthopedic & Medical Elastics

We offer a large assortment of woven and knitted orthopedic & medical elastics. If you need latex-free, hook receptive elastic or plush surfaces for comfort, George C. Moore Company is your source.

Let us do something amazing for you. We have a Research & Development division full of skilled and creative professionals who help us do great things for each brand, end use and market. Our research people think up lots of new things to do with elastic and rigid tape and if you have some good ideas we will help put them into action or think up some new discoveries right on the spot.

* Up to ¼” to 12” wide

* Jacquard or printed logo

* Paneled elastic

* Segmented elastic

* Surgical flat elastic

* Stretch loop hook compatible elastic

* Silicone applications for gripping and anti-slip performance to keep garments in place

* Color matching (Dyed to match)

* Technical performance finishes: moisture management, dirt and soil release, quick-dry, durable    water repellent (DWR), among others

* Cutting and sewing loops

* Custom cut to specific lengths

* Specialty packaging

Our Design team is prepared to help you achieve the look, function and feel you need and desire.

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