A Moore Company


The Moore Company is a diverse group of capital-intensive manufacturing companies with a common goal: to assist in the growth of the world-class brands we serve. We contribute significantly to the success of the leading names in the apparel, medical, industrial and disposable garments markets.

George C. Moore was the founding company of what is now The Moore Company, which has two separate divisions (George C. Moore and Darlington Fabrics). The technical expertise and management strength offered by The Moore Company is a shared asset utilized by each division.

The Moore Company is proud of its heritage and of its ongoing ability to develop and manufacture products that serve to make our customers prominent in their fields.

George C. Moore Operations in the United States
Founded in 1909 on the lasting premise of “providing continual innovation and support to our valued customers” the George C. Moore Company continually strives to offer the best narrow elastic value in the market. The combination of competitive pricing, excellent quality and on-time service has enabled us to be the preferred market leader for more than one hundred years.

Our US operation consists of a network of contract manufactures that produce uniquely designed and qualified narrow elastics and webbings. Our George C. Moore U.S. offices support these manufacturing locations with Sales, Customer Service, Technical expertise, Manufacturing consultation, Design, Research & Development and Purchasing functions.


George C. Moore Operations in El Salvador, Central America

Since 2006 we invested in a facility in Central America to stay close to our customers in the region. Our technical expertise has been successfully transferred to our workforce in El Salvador to make sure that our customers pick the right elastic for the right job. And if we do not have the elastic you need, we will sit down and design it for you.

Located in American Park Free Zone, in close proximity to San Salvador, our facility is a fully vertical weaving and knitting operation with dedicated Design and Quality Assurance departments. Our facility has the capability to manufacture elastics or webbings from ¼” up to 12” wide. We also have in-house dyeing & finishing, rotary printing, cutting & sewing, performance finishes and customized packaging, all offered to support our customer requirements.