George C. Moore is providing enhanced customer solutions for custom colors and comfort-grip

SAN SALVADOR – As part of their strategy to continually innovate and provide customized narrow elastic solutions for their customers, the George C. Moore Company recently expanded their capabilities to include in-house package dyeing (for yarn and elastic) and silicone applications on comfortable narrow fabrics that are sewn onto stay-put garments. “We are very much aware of the investment in research and development that our customers make to design garments that will deliver a unique experience for their customers. That is why our strategy is to design narrow elastics and rigid tapes that are consistent with our customer’s brand promises, enabling both them and us to remain ahead of the market curve” said Andrew Dreher, Senior Vice President.

In-house package dyeing will improve lead time, speed to market and custom color flexibility in both the product development and manufacturing areas. Dreher believes that speed, flexibility and the ability to customize and adjust to customer needs quickly is a key for the Central American region. Dreher mentioned “it will allow us to produce dye to match yarn and fabric more quickly, customize quantities and reduce lead times by up to 30%. We continue to invest in service enhancements”.
Silicone applications on narrow elastics is an additional value added service that the company now has available for apparel, medical and industrial customers in the DR-CAFTA region. The number of silicone tracks and the width and the pattern of the bead can be customized to the customer’s technical specifications. The apparel industry in the region is moving toward designing and manufacturing technical performance apparel, intimate apparel, swimwear, orthopedic and medical garments, dancewear and uniforms that require gripping and anti-slip performance on trims, waistbands and straps to keep garments in place. “We are committed to continually expanding our capabilities so that the apparel industry as a whole can have additional services available in the region, this will help us all to reduce lead times and deliver the quality products that are required by world-known apparel brands”, said Jaime Campos, General Manager.

“This is an investment we have made in equipment but also in strengthening the technical skills of our associates that will make this value added service a reality for our customers”, he added.
George C. Moore Co. manufactures plain, printed and Jacquard woven and knit narrow elastic. Their value added services include cutting and looping, fabricated waistbands, silicone applications, technical finishes, permanent fire resistance and other assorted offerings. The company is part of a regional textile and apparel synthetics cluster that includes yarn producers, fabric mills and apparel manufacturers.