George C. Moore Co. Recognized with Supplier of the Year Award

SAN SALVADOR – April 18th, 2012- The George C. Moore Company has been recognized by Fruit of the Loom with the 2011 Supplier of the Year Award, to be presented on April 27 in Bowling Green, Kentucky. “Each of our treasured associates is very proud to be receiving this recognition. We are honored to have earned this distinction from a world class brand for the third time. We believe that the high performance standards and criteria required to win this prestigious award make us a better manufacturing facility”, said Andrew Dreher, Senior Vice-President.

Founded in New England (US) in 1909, the narrow fabric manufacturer has 103 years of history and technical experience that have been successfully transferred to their workforce in El Salvador established in 2006. It was at that time that The Moore Company decided to invest in the DR-CAFTA textile and apparel industry value chain and take advantage of the proximity to the US market. “Our goal is to develop strategic long-term relationships with our customers and to become part of their competitive advantage” said Jaime Campos, General Manager, “to achieve this goal we must consistently lead with quality, delivery, innovation and cost improvements that allow our customers to optimize their inventory levels.”

George C. Moore continuously strives to innovate and provide value added services that reduce lead times and enhance their customer’s product branding and performance. “The recognition awarded by Fruit of the Loom motivates us to continue investing in our people, in environmental sustainability and in our capability to innovate” said A. Dreher.

Besides servicing the underwear and intimate apparel markets, George C. Moore Co. also supplies printed, Jacquard and knit narrow elastic for athletic compression, men’s and women’s slacks, performance apparel, dancewear, swimwear, orthopedic & medical, industrial and safety markets. Their value added services include cutting and looping, fabricated waistbands, silicone applications, technical finishes, permanent fire resistance, among other technical performance or value added initiatives.