George C. Moore Co. recognized for outstanding performance and introduces sublimated elastics

SAN SALVADOR – June 12, 2015- The George C. Moore Company has several reasons to be proud of celebrating nine years of successful operations in their El Salvador facility. They have been recognized by Fruit of the Loom, Inc. family of brands (Russell Athletic, Vanity Fair Brands, Spalding and Fruit of the Loom) for outstanding performance, dedication and commitment to their success. “Managing complexity in a fast moving fashion environment is our everyday challenge. The commitment, dedication and focus of our workforce is our biggest asset. Total organizational collaboration is critical to provide the right narrow elastic fabric solution, delivered on-time into our customers facilities” said Andrew Dreher, President of George C. Moore.

Founded in New England (US) in 1909, the narrow fabric manufacturer has 106 years of history and technical experience that have been successfully transferred to their workforce in El Salvador established in 2006.
George C. Moore continuously strives to innovate and provide value added services that reduce lead times and enhance their customer’s product branding and performance. “This recognition awarded by Fruit of the Loom, Inc. motivates us to continue investing in our people, in environmental sustainability and in our capability to innovate” said A. Dreher.

Sublimated Elastics

The textile mill has initiatives in place to continuously improve organizational agility, fast decision making and accurate team alignment. They recognize that the marketplace requires more variety, greater complexity, new features and timely solutions to suit their customers’ needs.
In addition to celebrating their recognition as a “Top Ten Supplier” for Fruit of the Loom, Inc. GCM is also proud to announce that they have introduced sublimated elastics as part of their new product offerings. “the result of sublimating the elastic is unique in look and feel due to the ink being infused into the fibers as opposed to traditional pigment ink. Also, the image is durable and there is almost unlimited colors to choose from to create a more sophisticated detailed look for custom waistbands, straps and foldover trims” said Jaime Campos, Director of Operations.

George C. Moore Co. supplies printed, Jacquard and knit narrow elastic for underwear, intimate apparel, athletic compression garments, men’s and women’s slacks, performance apparel, dancewear, swimwear, orthopedic & medical, industrial and safety markets. Their value added services include cutting and looping, fabricated waistbands, silicone applications, sublimation, technical performance finishes, permanent fire resistance, among other technical performance or value added initiatives.