George C. Moore Co. received the 2012 Supplier Innovation of the Year Award and is Celebrating 7 Years of Operations in El Salvador

George C. Moore Co. received the 2012 Supplier Innovation of the Year Award and is Celebrating 7 Years of Operations in El Salvador
Bowling Green, Kentucky – May, 2013. The George C. Moore Company has been recognized by Fruit of the Loom, Inc. with the 2012 Supplier Innovation of the Year Award. Dana Barlow, CEO of the Moore Company and Andrew Dreher, Senior Vice President of George C. Moore Co. received this award from Fruit of the Loom’s President and CEO, Rick Medlin and the Senior Vice President of Purchasing, Dale Halliwell.
Rick Medlin, President and CEO of Fruit of the Loom, Inc.; Dana Barlow, CEO of the Moore Company; Dale Halliwell, Senior Vice President of Purchasing; and Andrew Dreher, Senior Vice President of George C. Moore Co.

In 2002, Fruit of the Loom was acquired by Berkshire Hathaway Group, chaired by one of the world’s most renowned businessmen, Mr. Warren Buffett. Fruit of the Loom is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of undergarments for men and women and they prioritize developing strong working relationships with their vendor partners. This process requires the suppliers to perform at the highest levels of quality and service. “Our company has been successfully operating in El Salvador for seven years but was founded 104 years ago in the USA. Throughout the years we have been honored with numerous recognitions from world class brands, but we are especially proud to receive this Supplier Innovation Award. It was earned as a result of our Design Team’s ability to develop an innovative waistband elastic, and our Manufacturing Team’s ability to execute the transition from the previous style into the new product without any interruption to delivery, service or support” said Jaime Campos, General Manager.

As part of their strategy to continually innovate and provide customized narrow elastic solutions for their customers, the George C. Moore Company expanded their manufacturing capabilities to include in-house package dyeing (for yarn and elastic), cut & sewn fabricated waistbands, five-color rotary printing, application of technical performance finishes and silicone applications onto comfortable narrow fabrics that are sewn onto stay-put garments. “We are very much aware of the investment in research and development that our customer-partners make in designing products that will deliver a unique experience for their retail customers. We pride ourselves in offering performance enhancements that stand out in the market. That is why our strategy is to design narrow elastics and rigid tapes that are consistent with our customer’s brand promises, enabling our cooperative partnerships to remain ahead of the market curve” said Andrew Dreher, Senior Vice President.
“We are very proud of our workforce in El Salvador. They have consistently maintained high levels of quality and service in an ever changing manufacturing environment. Because we focus on Product Development and Innovation, our Manufacturing group has had to constantly adapt to change and they have done an excellent job responding to that challenge. We continually invest in equipment and technology that allows us to remain viable in this dynamic market. On behalf of our more than 400 employees we are honored to receive this recognition from a world class brand like Fruit of the Loom” A. Dreher, added.

In addition to servicing the underwear and intimate apparel markets, George C. Moore also supplies printed, Jacquard and knit narrow elastic for athletic compression, men’s and women’s slacks, performance apparel, dancewear, swimwear, orthopedic & medical, industrial and safety markets. “Our goal is to develop strategic long-term relationships with our customers and become part of their competitive advantage. We are confident in El Salvador and in the DR-CAFTA region, we have definitely perceived a renewed interest in the region on behalf of U.S. and Global apparel sourcing executives and we have been constantly receiving sourcing executives in our manufacturing facilities that are exploring and evaluating coming back to the region” said Dana Barlow, CEO of The Moore Company.