Flame Resistant Elastics

Flame resistant elastics provide effective protection against flame threats present in the military (no melt, no drip), safety and industrial activities such as welding, oil/gas and drilling.


Our flame resistant narrow elastics are used to design and manufacture high level protective equipment and clothing.

  • Coveralls
  • Unifoms
  • Gloves
  • Protective Sleeves
  • Protective Vests
  • Lab Coats
  • Safety Goggles
  • Safety Masks

Our flame resistant narrow elastic will self-extinguish and will not melt or drip and it has been tested by independent laboratories.

We have a professional, experienced and dedicated Design Team to meet your customized needs, whether it is strength or performance you desire, we can encompass the wants and needs you have for your custom flame resistant needs.

Let us do something amazing for you. We have a Research & Development division full of skilled and creative professionals who help us do great things for each brand, end use and market. Our research people think up lots of new things to do with elastic and rigid tape and if you have some good ideas we will help put them into action or think up some new discoveries right on the spot.

Contact us for all of your elastic or webbing needs in custom colors and finishes.