Building an Innovative Culture

To stay ahead of the curve the textile mill has implemented an internal Innovation program to train and incorporate the more than 400 employees to be part of a creative force that constantly questions everything in order to promote the creation of new product features or the adoption of new process methods in production and supply chain. “This is an adventure that we initiated ten months ago and we are very proud of the results, changes and participation of our workforce and their willingness and commitment to work on their ideas and bring them forward regardless their area of expertise or hierarchy level. The projects that we have received and approved have generated significant savings, increased efficiency and most importantly we have given all of our associates the space to contribute directly to our growth and be recognized for their great ideas.” said Andrew Dreher, Senior Vice President. “This is an ongoing process and during 2015 we will definitely continue investing in developing our associates innovative skills and on studying further how we can continue delivering the quality narrow fabric products and services that the end users want and need ” said Jaime Campos, General Manager.

While creating an innovative culture and encouraging all employees to think beyond their immediate job responsibilities, George C. Moore has kept investing in expanding their capabilities. “We are constantly in the process of testing and developing new weaving and knitting designs, adding new features, testing new technical finishes and adding dyeing and printing capabilities that allow the retailers and brands to deliver innovative garments. Since the beginning of 2014 the textile Company has invested over $500,000 to capitalize on ideas and solutions discovered through two key initiatives; Innovation Program and Strategic Planning.

Besides servicing underwear and intimate apparel markets, George C. Moore Company also supplies printed, Jacquard and knit narrow elastic for athletic compression, men’s and women’s slacks, performance apparel, dancewear, swimwear, orthopedic & medical, industrial and safety markets. Their value added services include cutting and looping, fabricated waistbands, silicone applications, technical finishes, permanent fire resistance, among other value added services. A. Dreher added that “each elastic or rigid tape we design is based on the expectations and needs of the final consumer of the garment, that is why we continually invest in equipment and technology that allows us to remain viable in this dynamic market.”
The company continues to increase its export base including Central America, Mexico, South America, Middle East, Europe and Asia.