Ballistic Protection

Ballistic Protection. A variety of applications are served with elastic and webbing on military uniforms and protective vests. Our products can be supplied in all of the colors required by the military, Homeland Security and law enforcement. All of these elastics can be made compliant to the Berry Amendment.

George C. Moore Co. strives to raise the benchmarks of our quality standards. Our Quality Assurance Lab will comply with AATCC or ASTM methods required from our customers to supply world class products. Additionally, our dye lab has state of the art equipment that complies with international requirements. Whether it is strength, performance, fire resistance, retroreflectivity, softness or fancy and delicate trims, we can encompass the wants and needs you have for your custom application and guarantee that your expectations are met consistently.

• Available services:
* ¼” up to 12” wide
* Jacquard or print signature logo
* Silicone applications for gripping and anti-slip performance to keep garments in place
* Color matching (Dyed to match)
* Technical performance finishes: moisture management, dirt and soil release, quick-dry, durable water repellent  (DWR), among others
* Cutting and sewing loops
* Custom cut to specific lengths
* Specialty packaging

• Permanent Flame Resistance Webbing
* Perfect complement to design and manufacture protective equipment and apparel
* Tested by independent laboratories
* ASTM D-6413
* No occurrence of melting and dripping observed

Our Design team is prepared to help you achieve the look, function and feel you desire by using a combination of fibers and finishes.

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Ballistic Protection - Elastic & Webbing

Fabricated and Buttonhole
Elastic Waistbands

Ballistic Protection - Elastic & Webbing

Straps and foldovers

Ballistic Protection - Elastic & Webbing

Technical Performance Finishes