Silicone Applications

Silicone applications on narrow elastics is an additional value added service that we have available for apparel, medical and industrial customers in the DR-CAFTA region. The number of silicone tracks and the width and the pattern of the bead can be customized to the customer’s technical specifications.


The apparel industry in the region is moving toward designing and manufacturing technical performance apparel, intimate apparel, swimwear, orthopedic and medical garments, dancewear and uniforms that require gripping and anti-slip performance on trims, waistbands and straps to keep garments in place.

If you are a designer you can appreciate our technical ability and we can enjoy your creative talent. Let’s get together, inspiration comes easy that way. We want to hear your ideas and answer your questions. We can apply various patterns of colored and transparent silicone on the back of your knitted or woven elastic.

Contact our experts to learn more about widths and patterns available for silicone applications.