Our Innovative Spirit


Based on our commitment to stay ahead of the traditional market, our textile mill has a dynamic internal Innovation program incorporating our more than 400 employees as part of a creative force that constantly explores opportunities and improvements in order to promote the creation of new product features or the adoption of new process methods in production and supply chain.

While creating an innovative culture and encouraging all employees to think beyond their immediate job responsibilities, George C. Moore has continued to invest in expanding our capabilities. We recognize that it takes a lot of work, expertise and creative thinking to make a comfortable, functional, attractive narrow elastic or rigid product.



Consumers expect and deserve the best and we have over 105 years of experience developing narrow fabric solutions that keep up with the ever changing needs and wants of different market segments and end uses.

Let us know your needs and we will help you create an elastic or rigid tape that make your garments or accessories stand out from your competition.

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