Orthopedic & Medical

We offer a large assortment of woven and knitted orthopedic elastics. If you need latex-free, hook receptive elastic or plush surfaces for comfort, George C. Moore Company is your source.

• Available services:
*Up to ¼” to 12” wide
* Jacquard or print signature logo (including sublimation printing or reflective ink)
* Silicone applications for gripping and anti-slip performance to keep garments in place
*Color matching (Dyed to match)
* Technical performance finishes: moisture management, dirt and soil release, quick-dry, durable water repellent (DWR), among others
* Cutting and sewing loops
* Custom cut to specific lengths
* Specialty packaging

Our Design team is prepared to help you achieve the look, function and feel you desire by using a combination of fibers and finishes.

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