Narrow Fabric

Ask George C. Moore for just about anything in elastic and if we do not already have, we will work on it! Our Design team is prepared to help you achieve the look, function and feel you desire by using a combination of fibers and finishes.

  • If you are a designer you can appreciate our technical ability and we can enjoy your creative talent.
    Let’s get together, inspiration comes easy that way. We want to hear your ideas and answer your
    questions. We are as flexible as our elastic.
  • If you already have a specific design you like please submit a sample and, if available, provide the following information:

    • Width of the elastic
    • End-use of the elastic
    • Color specifications and if a logo is included please provide: artwork height, space between
      logo, repeat measures, distance between logo and top/bottom edge
    • Annual usage (yards)
    • Elongation % and hand stretch
    • Modulus